2019 Top 12 Gifts for Drumline / Marching Percussion Fans

1. Offworld Invader v3 Practice Pad

In my opinion, these are the best practice pads on the market. Other companies have good pads and some take months to ship. Offworld Invadere v3 feels great, ships fast and has an apporpriate volume for a pad.

Offworld Site

2. Vic Firth Quadropad

For the tenor / quad player in your life, this pad is essential. It allows students to work on proper playing zones at reasonable volumes.

Buy at LoneStar Percussion

3. FloMarching Subscription

A full year FloMarching subscription allows fans to watch DCI, WGI and Marching band events LIVE year-round. They also post some solid original premium content.

FloMarching Site

4. DCI Videos

DCI is the gold standard for the marching arts and watching high-quality videos of those at the top of the activity is always fun. Do your fan a favor a pick up the latest year as well as one of the "Essentials Collection" which has some of the classic shows as well.

DCI.org Store

5. Mike Jackson's Patreon

Mike Jackson is one of the most innovative names in the marching percussion scene, and he has a great Patreon site. For as little as $1 a month, you can give access to exclusive recordings and sheet music. It's an incredible deal.

Mike Jackson's Patreon

6. Zoom H4N Pro

For those who like to watch drumlines in the parking lot, or make high-quality recordings. The Zoom H4N Pro is incredible. We use it for all of our recordings.

Buy on Amazon

7. Paul Rennick FS2 Sticks

Marching Snare drums sticks used by some of the best in the world. Everyone loves getting sticks.

LoneStar Percussion

8. Offworld BYOSphere Pad

If you have an aspiring YouTube star, the BYOSphere is a great pad. It feels great and sounds good on video without being a full drum.

Buy at Offworld Percussion

9. Scott Johnson Snare Drum Sticks

Another great pair of sticks. Get these and the Rennicks to really give your drummer some simple and cheap joy

LoneStar Percussion

10. DCI Tickets

Going to a DCI show is far better than watching videos. The power of the horns and the in-person spectacle is a ton of fun for the whole family.

DCI Events

11. WGI Tickets

Winter Guard International has an incredibly popular indoor percussion circuit. The shows are completely different from a drum corps show and incredibly creative. Go to a show!

WGI Percussion

12. Audition Packets

For the aspiring marcher, it's good to get a glimpse into what it takes to march at the hightest levels. Visit your favorite corps web site and buy their audition packet for your student.

Bluecoats Store